Patent Number D829543

Store twice the amount in the same space. Great for product packaging, shipping, ware-housing, waste management, retail display, pre-packaged materials, and space saving.

The WEDJ 5 gallon hazardous waste container was designed to minimize the space required to store and dispose of chemicals and the cost associated with the removal of those chemicals. The wedge-shaped footprint maximizes the volume that will fit in a 55-gallon drum.

Hazardous Waste Disposal

The WEDJ container system is used for hazardous waste disposal and optimizes storage of waste products. The efficient design is intuitive and self-stacking to allow more usage of the drum.

Chemical Waste Disposal

As a chemical waste disposal tool, the WEDJ facilitates liquid waste disposal. The sturdy plastic construction holds up to all kinds of chemicals and allows for an easier way to manage chemical waste disposal.

Toxic Waste Disposal

Handle toxic waste in a more cleaner & more efficient manner. By utilising more of your storage space and compartamentalising storage, you can free up space and avoid toxic spills that are hazardous to workers and the environment. The WEDJ will optimise your toxic waste disposal process and allow for a better outcome.

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wedj top view
wedj expanded view

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