Handwash Stations

We offer both a single and dual station sanitation sink made from polyethylene.

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Single Station Sanitation Sinks

Single Station Sink:

  • 17 gallon single user sink designed to be mounted to the side of an outhouse
  • Available with ⅜” or ½” fittings
  • Spigots available at an additional cost
  • Available in black

Double Station Sanitation Sinks

Double Station Sink:

  • Strong triangular frame can be used to lift, protecting spout from lifting damage and vandals
  • Conveniently sized for storage and transport
  • Molded backsplash to prevent water from seeping into the unit
  • Two-sided, water resistant paper towel dispenser with padlock hasp
  • 20 gallon freshwater tank
  • Protected soap dispenser mounting area
  • Fully field serviceable
  • Removable bottom bumper pan to protect against spillage
  • Custom colors and materials available (including granite)
  • Large sink basin
  • Download exploded parts view here

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