Sanitation Products

Spin Products manufactures a wide variety of standard products commonly used in the sanitation industry. In our Chino, CA facility, we produce Trays, Tanks, and Sinks. Click here to download a brochure and spec sheet of our offerings.

  • Containment Trays

    Our sanitation trays are molded out of rugged high density resin with UV inhibitors. Their sloped design makes them easy to remove, stack, and ship.

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  • Tanks

    Molded from high-density polyethylene, our tanks are available in two colors (white for freshwater and black for wastewater). Spin welded fittings can be installed in locations to customer specifications.

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  • Handwash Stations

    We offer both a single and dual station sink made from polyethylene. Our new dual station sink includes a paper towel holder, 20 gallon capacity, and protected soap dispenser mount.

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For more information about commissioning a custom sanitation product, contact Spin Products today.