Custom Products

We produce a wide variety of products serving many industries at our Chino, CA facility. Take a look at some of our rotational molding products below, and please contact us with any custom product requests.

  • Tennis Accessories

    We have converted many items for playing tennis from powder coated metal to plastic. For example, this tennis ball cart was manufactured in our facility.

  • Decorative Flower Pots

    We have developed a decorative method to make plastic pots look like aged clay or many other finishes.

  • Traffic Control Products

    The traffic control industry has long been utilizing plastic products like this crash barrier, often seen arranged in rows on the side of the highways.

  • Equestrian Products

    Over the years, we have developed a wide variety of products for the horse industry including jumps, storage trunks, and many other items.

  • Cleaning Equipment

    We are able to convert many commonly used items in the cleaning industry from metal or fiberglass to plastic for both weight and cost savings.

  • Shipping Accessories

    The strength and impact resistance of rotationally molded products make them excellent solutions for shipping. For example, we manufacture cases used to protect surfboards while traveling by air.

For more information about commissioning a custom product, contact Spin Products today.